New Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Laser welding equipment

New Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Laser welding equipment

MAIN FEATURES Main features

· 10 inch LCD touch screen, embedded industrial control intelligent operating system;

· Servo motor drive head point strong, fast speed, high efficiency, good effect;
· Imported servo motor and precision linear module guide to ensure accurate welding shift stability and long service life;

· Program Settings support any lattice and matrix example column mode, with CAD mapping function, stored 99 groups of programs;

· With continuous starting, breakpoint starting, false welding, missing welding alarm and repair welding functions;

· Welding power supply comes with current monitoring function, which can monitor the actual output current in real time

· Perfect design, easy loading and unloading of fixture to reduce fatigue, good rigidity of moving structure to ensure long-term stability of welding accuracy. for Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

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