How To Select Agv Lithium Battery, Ternary Lithium Or Lithium Iron Phosphate?

How To Select Agv Lithium Battery, Ternary Lithium Or Lithium Iron Phosphate?

Relatively speaking, ter3 has the advantages of high single working voltage, light weight and good ultra-low temperature, while the disadvantages are short cycle and poor reliability. Its single rated voltage is 3.6V, the working standard voltage is 3.0V-4.2V, and the advantage of lithium iron phosphate battery depends on the high safety factor, long denier ring system service life. The disadvantage is that the energy density is lower and the whole battery is heavier. Its single rated current is 3,2V, operating standard voltage is 2.5V-3.65V.

Therefore, when choosing AGV batteries, you can determine the battery type and specification from the communication protocol, operating voltage, net weight, application operating temperature, and safety factor and cycle life of the battery.

1. Flood Agreement
At present, the communication protocol key of AGV car battery is RS485, RS232, CAN. Select the BMS control module of the battery according to the communication protocol.

2. Charge and discharge output power
If the charge-discharge current is above 120A, it is also proposed to use LFP batteries.

3. Apply the natural environment
Such as in high temperature or real-time road conditions more extreme natural environment work, can choose lithium iron phosphate battery. Extra-low temperature can be used in ternary lithium batteries.

4. Manufacturer
Fully consider the AGV lithium battery engineering cost, after-sales service cost and the occurrence of accidents in the middle of transportation, so it is necessary to choose technical professional AGV battery manufacturers to customize. The key of this kind of agv battery lies in the lithium cell BMS template (especially the communication protocol) and the processing technology. New energy technology bus lithium battery is selected as the processing process of authentic lithium battery for lithium cell to ensure that the anti-seismic BMVS plan is selected from the first-line manufacturer. Funsong battery is no doubt a good choice for you.

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