FUNSONG-Energy Storage Battery Manufacturer

FUNSONG-Energy Storage Battery Manufacturer

Energy revolution has become a major lasting topic and industry in the world, in order to make the earth more sustainable and green, human life, countries should adhere to the idea of less and less carbon emissions, more technology breakthrough natural green sustainable energy use, such as solar energy, wind energy, water flow energy and so on.

By far, relative to all sources of energy from nature, solar and wind energy are much more efficient, because of its wide range, easy capture and increasingly low cost. More and more governments and enterprises have invested and participated in the new energy industry, and there is no doubt that China and Europe and the United States are playing a major leading role.

For solar, it is the most popular, it can be harnessed and captured from different applications, large-scale concentrated solar power stations, BIPV, industrial, commercial and agricultural photovoltaic, home and residential photovoltaic. As for the whole solar system, mainly including solar panels, inverters and solar cells used for storage, it is like three brothers who help each other grow and make the whole system more and more efficient. With the instability of the global economy and politics in the past two years, the demand for home photovoltaic system has increased dramatically, with more demand, more investment, more suppliers and more breakthroughs. Thus helping more market acceptance, this is a good way to cycle.

Our company is the partner of CATL, BYD, EVE and ZUONENG. We have constant battery resources, all the new EVE, CATL, BYD battery Cells. Because it occupies more than 50% of the cost and importance of the whole Lifepo4 battery pack, it can ensure the high performance of our battery packs. Our use of the first-line brand BMS system, which is the brain of the entire LFP battery pack, can ensure the stability, safety and continuous output of the entire battery pack, as well as our high-performance philosophy, strict quality control system makes consistency, all of which help us stand out among the entire lifepo4 battery manufacturers in China.

Choose FUNSONG BATTERY to help you easily access more and more energy storage markets. Follow us and lead you to be at the forefront of creating every moment of energy storage technology breakthrough history.

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