Common problems in the use of lithium ion batteries

Common problems in the use of lithium ion batteries

By Funsong battery

1.The battery pack cannot be charged

The reasons why the battery pack cannot be charged during charging are as follows: The charger connection is reversed or the charger is faulty; The protection plate is not recovered or the protection plate is invalid; External connection between battery pack and electrical appliance.

When dealing with the above adverse phenomena, it is necessary to know whether the charger is reverse connected and whether the positive and negative plugs of the battery pack are reverse connected. Restart the appliance, remove the protection plate, and measure whether the MOS tube has driving voltage; Look for loose and disconnected connections.

2. The battery string cannot discharge
The battery string fails to discharge normally for the following reasons: Battery string voltage drops The battery string is protected by the protection board or controller. The protection panel or controller is damaged. Positive and negative electrode connection; The line is disconnected or the switch is not turned on. To solve the above defects, you can charge the battery and find the problem of protection board or line connection.

3. High battery temperature
When a battery string is being charged or discharged, the temperature is abnormally high and hot. This may be due to high internal resistance of the battery or a small short circuit in the battery string. As a result, the temperature of the battery string is raised. It is dangerous for batteries to work at high temperatures for long periods of time. In this case, it is necessary to replace the defective battery or repair the micro short circuit.

4. The battery suddenly stopped working during use
When the battery string is in use, it stops working suddenly. This may be caused by battery discharge. When the minimum voltage of the protection board or controller is reached, the protection board or controller stops working. Or the continuous working current is too large (such as when the electric car starts or climbs a hill), more than the protection current for the protection plate or controller DC protection plate or controller stop working, this will cause the battery pack to stop working suddenly. This can be solved by charging the battery pack or restarting the appliance or changing the guard plate and controller by adjusting the parameters.

5. Battery pack explosion
Battery pack static electricity or explosion during use, such as a battery pack fire, is rare, but serious. The reason may also be due to external or internal long time short circuit. External short circuit is equivalent to instantaneous super large current discharge, exceeding the limit of the battery protection board, and the internal gas is discharged instantly, which is very dangerous. Internal short circuit, bad seal

6. The battery pack is dead
It stops before the battery circulates and the rechargeable battery is cut off. This situation is due to the inconsistent energy of one series of battery packs, the high or low capacity of the first charge is protected by the guard plate, so that the other series of batteries do not charge stop the charging process. In this case, the battery pack can be charged with a balanced charger to keep the voltage consistent across each series. If the capacity difference is large, the battery must be replaced. But the most important thing is that the capacity of the battery must be checked before assembly, otherwise it is very troublesome to remove a single string and then remove it again.

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